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The Windows 10 Timeline is a handy and helpful feature as it allows you to view and return to web pages, images, Office documents, and other files that you've recently accessed. Now, that same bit of time travel is available on your Android device, courtesy of the latest version of the Microsoft Launcher.

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Designed to help you customize your Android device, Microsoft Launcher 5.0 now syncs with your Windows 10 timeline. Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, and certain other files you open on your computer will appear in the timeline on your Android phone or tablet, and vice versa. The ability to view Office documents requires that the mobile apps for Office be installed on your Android device.

An Android launcher gives you the ability to change and customize your home screen, layouts, and other features from their default settings on your device. The Microsoft Launcher provides a special benefit to Microsoft users as it offers quick access to your Microsoft apps, services, calendar, contacts, widgets, and more. The new Timeline feature is an added bonus as it can help Windows 10 users more easily find recent files.

Microsoft Launcher 5.0 kicks in other enhancements. A dedicated section for News serves up the latest news stories. The Glance section displays a quick view of your calendar appointments, recent activities, and suggested apps.

To tap into the new Timeline feature, download version 5.0 of Microsoft Launcher from Google Play. To learn how to use and tweak the launcher, check out this TechRepublic article on "How to use Microsoft Launcher to customize your Android phone." After you've set up Microsoft Launcher, you may need to enable the Timeline. To do this, tap the icon for Launcher Settings and tap the setting for Your feed. Turn on the switch for Timeline if it's off.

Return to your Home screen. Swipe to the right until you see the Microsoft Launcher screen for Glance, News, and Timeline. Tap the link for Timeline. You may not see recent files right away. If not, give the launcher time to sync with your Windows 10 Timeline and then check again.

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  1. The latest version of Microsoft Launcher can now sync with your Windows 10 Timeline.
  2. With the new Timeline feature, you can access recent web pages, Office documents, and other files on your Android device.

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