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Instagram (iOS, Android) might soon add language support for Hindi to better accommodate its Indian user base. Tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the new feature.

Wong's screenshots featured comments, a settings menu, IGTV, and a profile in Hindi.

India's user base sits at 71 million people. Adding the language to the popular social media site could drive the number higher, since Hindi is spoken in other countries like Pakistan, as well.

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Hindi and other regional languages are already supported by Instagram's sister apps, Facebook (iOS, Android) and WhatsApp (iOS, Android).

In addition to more language support, Instagram has a slew of other updates set for release this month according to Eray Rafet with the Beta Testing Catalog.

Users can anticipate a profile redesign: a swapped profile picture, bolder username text, and a larger "edit" button.

"This redesign puts slightly more emphasis on the bio and the shared content of the user. It, for sure, looks a little cleaner, while still packing a ton of information," Rafet said.

The site is also adding better ways to report a potential account hack. Users can simply tap a button called "I think it was hacked." The new feature will come in handy after Instagram's August hack locked hundreds of users out of their accounts.

The app will feature a countdown sticker for upcoming special events like the holidays, birthdays, etc.

Stories could be shared as links soon and the app will add more ways for businesses to promote in their Stories, like Facebook Boost.

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  1. Instagram is testing language support for Hindi.
  2. Users can also expect to see a profile redesign, a countdown button, anti-hacking measures, and more this month.

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