Apple Maps finally launches turn-by-turn navigation in India

Apple Maps users in India can now take full advantage of the app's turn-by-turn navigation. The feature offers users exact directions when driving or walking.

When users in India began seeing the feature live in Maps, they tweeted out the news. Shortly after, an Apple spokesperson confirmed the update to VentureBeat.

In addition, users can book a ride with Uber or Ola from the Maps app. Apple hasn't released information about public transportation yet.

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CES 2019: HERE Mobility debuts app that will let you replace Uber and Lyft

If you're looking for an alternative to ride-sharing giants Uber (download for iOS or Android) and Lyft (download for iOS or Android), HERE Mobility just announced the SoMo app (download for iOS or Android) at CES 2019.

SoMo lets you plan, book and coordinate your next ride, whether with public transit, subway, limo, bus or taxi, all in one app. Riders can choose transportation for one trip, like a wedding, or recurring trips,... Read More »

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CES 2019: Use Smarty Park app to find a parking spot faster

One of the worst feelings is arriving at the mall or a parking garage and having to stalk a spot because the lot is so full.

Mexico-based startup ABD Systems created the Smarty Park app (download for iOS or Android) to make finding a parking spot easier.

Using a combination of sensors and real-time monitoring, Smarty Park shows you the availability parking places in parking garages that support the app.

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CES 2019: Lyft is starting to test self-driving rides

Folks at CES 2019 have the opportunity to try the self-driving vehicles Lyft (download for iOS or Android) is adding to their network with the help of Aptiv.

Don't panic, though--you don't have to trust an autonomous vehicle completely yet. If you get a ride from one of Lyft's self-driving vehicles, you can expect two human co-pilots in the front seat. The safety driver and operator monitor the vehicle systems and the surrounding environment, and are ready... Read More »

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WhatsApp, Netflix, Spotify headline most-downloaded apps of 2018

This week, Apptopia released its list of the most-downloaded apps of 2018 in music, gaming, dating, travel, and more, first reported by Forbes. The apps that landed the top spots may not surprise you.

"Across the board in shopping, food and drink, music, dating, social, entertainment, and games, it's clear that the modern mobile consumer wants what she wants instantly, delivered when and where convenient," Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of marketing intelligence startup Singular, told Forbes.

The top apps are as... Read More »

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Google Assistant will alert you if your flight is delayed

You're due to catch a flight today but you're wondering if it will be on time. Sure, you can keep calling the airline or looking up the flight yourself, or you can let Google Assistant break the news to you.

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Rolling out to Google Assistant over the next few weeks is a new delayed flight notification, as described in a blog post from the search giant. If Google's AI is at... Read More »

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New 'BART to Airport' app offers group travel discounts in SF Bay Area

Anyone traveling with a friend or colleague to or from the airports in Oakland and San Francisco should now download the BART to Airport app and get a 25 percent discount on their ticket.

The innovative new app is designed to help traveling friends, family, and coworkers easily buy BART tickets to and from the airport when traveling as a group. BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost told local news outlet KRON that surveys had shown people were frustrated by long... Read More »

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France cracks down on GPS revealing police roadside locations

Getting pulled over by the police can ruin your day. Sometimes a friendly driver might flash their lights at you to warn you of an upcoming speed trap.

Popular navigation apps like Waze (iOS, Android) or Coyote (iOS, Android) let drivers warn each other about accidents, traffic, and the like. French motorists are using the apps to share police roadside check locations, according to Le Parisien.

French police said that exposing police locations undermines counter-terrorism operations,... Read More »

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'J-SOS' emergency app keeps Jewish and Israeli travelers safe

Traveling in a country where you're unfamiliar with the language can be stressful. If you're in that country during an emergency situation, the stress can quickly turn to panic.

J-SOS (iOS, Android) was developed for Jewish and Israeli people, at home or traveling, to access emergency services quickly during a dangerous situation like a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

When the user presses the app's SOS button, they can qualify what type of emergency is happening, whether... Read More »

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Transit app backed by automakers helps people without cars and will one day hail robo-cabs

For people without a car or access to reliable modes of public transportation, the Transit app (iOS, Android) wants to make getting where you're going more accessible and environmentally conscious.

The app began by helping people check departure times for buses and trains. Today Transit empowers multi-modal transportation, integrating public transit, ride hailing, bike sharing, and scooter rental.

"It should be easy to find ALL the mobility services near you, sign-up for ANY of those services, and combine them... Read More »

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