You can finally mute artists on Spotify and here's how to do it

Instead of just giving a "thumbs down" on a song you don't like, Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is working on a feature that will allow you to block an artist.

The "don't play this artist" mute feature will appear in an upcoming update to Spotify's iOS app, Thurrott first reported.

Muting an artist will block their music on your personal library, playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes and more. You won't be able to manually... Read More »

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How the Medical ID app could save your life

Emergency situations require vital information fast. If a patient is too young or traumatized to provide it, an app could save time and lives.

The Medical ID app (download for Android) provides doctors and EMTs with important personal information like health conditions, medication, allergies or religious requests.

After you create a profile, you can add a widget to your smartphone's lock screen. During an emergency, a paramedic can tap the widget and be taken directly to your Medical ID... Read More »

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Squad video chat app lets you share your screen with your friends

Hanging out with friends in the digital era can sometimes mean sitting side by side, scrolling through your phones in silence and occasionally sharing a funny meme or video you've found.

If doing nothing in person isn't an option, the Squad app (download for iOS) takes video chat to the next level. Instead of just seeing each other's faces, the app lets you also screen share.

When you use Squad, you can have a video chat with up to six people.... Read More »

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Free 'Uno' game app now available worldwide on Android and iOS

A game of Uno can go from friendly to vicious in just a few turns. Your relationship with your family might be safer if you choose to play Mattel's card game on your smartphone.

Mattel and NetEase, through Mattel163 studio, have launched the Uno app worldwide for iOS and Android. Mattel had previously released its own mobile version of the game in certain countries. And as of last year, users could also play Uno on Facebook Instant Games.

SEE:... Read More »

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Dolby testing '234' music production app to compete against SoundCloud

Dolby is developing a music production app capable of measuring background noise before you begin recording and then eliminating it, according to TechCrunch.

App users can purchase audio effect packs to enhance their sound with multiple EQ settings. Artists can share their recordings with third-party apps like SoundCloud or Dolby's audio social network.

Dolby hopes the app -- codenamed '234' and formerly tested under the name Dolby Live -- will draw musicians and artists away from SoundCloud. The company... Read More »

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Is the '10 Year Challenge' on social media a data scam?

There's always a new trend or gimmick on Facebook or Instagram. Users might remember the 7-day black and white photo challenge on Instagram, asking your friends to describe you in a gif, describing yourself in three fictional characters and most recently, the "How Hard Has Aging Hit You" challenge.

Also known as the 10 Year Challenge, users on Facebook or Instagram post the most recent picture of themselves next to a photo from 10 years ago.

Instead of jumping on the... Read More »

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Spotify launching new Car View mode for simple music control while driving

Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is rolling out Car View, a simplified way to use the music streaming app while driving. The launch seems to be limited for now, showing up on Pixel 3 XLs only at this point, according to 9to5Google.

Car View presents a minimalist display of the artist's name and song title. You'll only have access to necessary controls like track changing, play, pause, favorite and shuffle. Here's how to tell if the... Read More »

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MasterCard to block subscriptions from charging you after free trials

MasterCard (download for iOS or Android) is adding a safety net policy for anyone who forgot cancel a free trial, according to a blog post.

Merchants often let customers try out their product for a set number of days before charging the subscription fee. It's frustrating, though, when you wind up paying for something that you weren't satisfied with because of a complicated cancellation process.

The financial services company announced a change in their rules that... Read More »

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How to find an apartment for rent with the Zumper app

Looking for an apartment to rent can be a nerve-wracking and time-consuming endeavor. You have to take into account the rent and your budget, the landlord, your roommates, your neighbors, the lease, if utilities are included and so much more.

But how do you get started looking for a place to live?

The Zumper app (download for iOS or Android) makes it easy to find an apartment in the US or Canada. You can filter to the perfect location... Read More »

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Microsoft Outlook mobile app gets security clearance from US government

Microsoft announced today that its Outlook app for iOS and Android meets security and compliance requirements of US government workers. As of January 15, Government Community Cloud (GCC) High and Department of Defense (DoD) customers can download and use the app.

The company updated the app's mobile architecture to meet the government's security compliance requirements to protect sensitive information. To meet compliance, Microsoft uses its native sync technology to create a direct link between its mobile app and... Read More »

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